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How I Chose An Insulation Company in Houston


I recently moved with my family to Houston. This is because I was given a promotion in the company that I was working for and one of the consequences of that is moving to Houston. That is the reason why we packed our things and moved there. My family had mixed feelings about it. On one hand they were a bit sad to leave the current place that we are living in which is a good place. On the other hand they are also a bit excited to live in a new place and meet new people.

My company sponsored a house in a beautiful residential village. It has a clubhouse with cool amenities such as basketball court, tennis court and swimming pools. My kids were ecstatic when they saw the club house.


Our house was nice but after just a few days of living in it, it became a bit uncomfortable. This is because of the heat that we experience inside the house. I then got to talking to a colleague from work about this discomfort that we are experiencing in our house. He told me that could be taken care of by hiring the service of an insulation Houston company.


I then asked a referral from him about an spray foam insulation Houston  company that he recommends. But I did not immediately choose his recommendation. I noted the insulation company that he recommended. But I also did my own research on insulation companies in Houston. I looked for ones that came in highly recommended by the people who used their service. I narrowed down my list to a handful. Then I looked closely at the contents of their website to know more about them.


By then I had four in my list including the recommendation of my colleague. I scheduled an initial interview with each one of them so that I can personally get to experience first how they deal with their potential clients. This way I would be able to gauge their level of professionalism. After having talked to them I decided on getting one that is professional to talk and has the longest experience when it comes to installing insulation foams in homes. And I was not wrong to hire them. They had the certifications and warranty that would make any customer feel assured of getting their services. They also have reasonable prices too for their service.